Monday, December 30, 2013


A couple of days this month we got two snow days! We were excited, even though we all got colds that week. But it was very fun to watch the snow come down and keep poking the snow on our deck with the ruler to see how deep it was. 2 inches was the deepest. 

It was really cold too. You can see the ice coming off the leaves of our tree. 

And the icicles coming off the deck railing.

Spencer had a bad cold and cough, but I couldn't not let him go out and play in the snow, since he hasn't done that much in his life. So he went out, and I did to. 

This is our little poor snowman. The snow was really good for packing, but it didn't stay together very well. 

We also had a snowball fight. That was fun.

So pretty!

Spencer's first snow angel!!! I'm glad I took a picture because the garbage truck came by about 10 minutes later and ran over it. 

Preston even got to come out for just a little bit. He was not bothered by the coldness at all! He wanted to be outside so much!!!

Spencer lounging on the snow day watching TV. He's getting so long.

Preston with a cookie he stole from the counter in the kitchen, in which the cookie was on a plate and under saran wrap…how he got it and didn't break the plate, I do not know. He just walked into the living room showing me what he had. And yes, I did let him eat it because I thought he earned it for figuring out how to get it. 


Lay/Ash said...

Looks like lots fun! I love the cookie story. :) So cute! I can't believe how big those boys are getting.

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

I want some snow! Those ice/snow pictures are beautiful! Esp the icy trees behind that picture of Spencer!