Saturday, December 21, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

After having the pumpkins sit outside on our porch for a few weeks, we decided it was time to carve them!!! Can you believe that we've NEVER carved pumpkins??? It's true. So we all took different routes in what our pumpkins looked like. 

Tyler working hard on his pumpkin.

Spencer scooping...

Not quite sure he liked that part. 

Finished products!!! Tyler's scary pumpkin. I freehanded the design and he carved where I made marks and made some improvements on the carving with adding some slashes on the sides of the pumpkin. 


Mine. Yep, just did a traditional one. 

Spencer and his vampire pumpkin, with a hole in the forehead, and the little one is Lord Voldermort. 

Tyler's all lit up. It was pretty cool looking, and even on the slashes on the sides you could see some light coming through.

Spencer's lit up. 

We had lots of fun doing this, and will definitely do it again. 


Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

You have never carved pumpkins before?!?!? What is wrong with you? :) This is the first year we haven't done pumpkins... In fact, they are still on the front porch. Maybe I should have put Christmas hats on them :)