Monday, December 23, 2013


Perhaps the title to this post should be "Preston's Antics".

Not even kidding, this kid gets into a lot every day, and doesn't stop moving it seems. Maybe he does stop, but not long enough for me to catch up. He seems to zoom by things and a mess is left behind. True story: Tyler stayed home with him one day and was amazed by how much Preston got into during the day…I told him this is what happens every day. But no matter what he does he is having fun and being cute, so I can handle it. 

Let's start with the fun! We have these super hero masks, and Preston used to be scared of them, but then we would put them on and laugh and giggle. So then he thought they would be fun. Here he is being the Hulk.

Yes we do house Captain America. 

Yes, he is smaller in real life.

Oh my happy, cute boy. Lunchtime is fun with him! We dance, talk, giggle and eat. 

I'm still baffled at how babies squat like this. I just watch him, and then he stands right back up! My knees would be dying.

We read our scriptures most nights, and Preston will walk around and play with toys while we are reading. This night he sat down right by dad and clicked on his calculator while listening.

I think he might think it's a phone too. 

Second trip to the ER in two months!!!! Fell down our foyer stairs (luckily there are only 3) and busted his head open right in the middle. He is now very weary of those stairs…thank goodness!!!

We like to twirl!

"Hello? Hello?" He loves to talk on the phone…and anything and everything becomes a phone for him.

Chilling with daddy.

Yep, don't know how he got back there. He likes the feather duster thing, and will dust the blinds for me. I teach them young. But he also likes to play with the vacuum cleaner and pull off the bucket of gross stuff…yay?

Another night of reading scriptures and he just laid down and laid there for at least 5 minutes without moving!!! Didn't fall asleep, but I think he was tired. 


Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

You dust the blinds?!?! Atta girl!