Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The New Year and Prestonisms

We have arrived at the new year...three months ago, but we have also been trying to get through some colds/sicknesses and getting back onto a schedule after a fun Christmas break (which I'll get to in the next post). 

We always have our new year resolutions up here at the beginning of the year and yet this year we totally skipped it. Pretty sure they are all still the same, we are trying to improve ourselves spiritually, physically, and mentally. Tyler has been getting up early most days and reading Jesus The Christ, and taking notes that he can remember throughout the day. I've been just reading more books overall. I've read about a book a week so far, I'm loving it. Of course, these books are not all hard and long books, but some of them nonetheless have had some amazing inspirations for me. 

I have been looking back over our blog when Spencer was 3, just to see what he was doing and what Preston is doing now. I realized I did A LOT of posts about Spencerisms. He had a few good stories in calling Chili, Bean Salsa. It was not chilly at all. So since Preston has made bounds and leaps in his talking and just recently has made a few very funny comments that I want to remember, I thought I should get them down on the blog so we can remember them. 

One night I was putting him to bed and he didn't want to go to bed:
Preston: no night night
Mom: Yes you have to go to sleep, it's dark out and it's time for sleep. 
P: no
M: Yes, see I have on my pjs, and look you have on your pjs.
-at this he looks down and sees that he does in fact have pjs on
P: pants, shirt (then looks down at his feet) OH NO! No socks!!!
M: it's okay you don't need socks on.
P: Yes for my toes
M: No you only need socks on when you are in the kitchen and it's slippery. 
-our kitchen floor got really slippery last week, so he had his socks with the rubber dots on the bottom of them, on all the time.
P: slippery?
M: Yes the kitchen was slippery but your bed isn't slippery so you don't need socks.
P: (sits there thinking then gets up and slips around and falls down) WHOA! OHH!!! Bed is slippery! 

I just had to laugh!!! This kid is making connections right and left, and for him to think of that was amazing and hilarious! Looks like we'll have our hands full with this boy too....and many more Prestonisms to come. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Finishing up the year

Some random pictures of us in December.

Preston and I. 

Preston loves trying on Tyler's glasses, and I can't help but think how cute he looks in them. 

Found Preston in another curious sleeping position. How will he ever transition into a normal bed?

I feel like he is growing up too fast now. This month he has flourished with his speech, talking in small sentences! I feel like his face is getting older, all the baby fat is going away. And he is understanding us much better too and listening to what we say no to. 

Our Christmas tree!!

And all the ornaments Preston put on at the bottom of the tree....sometimes up to 4 ornaments on one branch. 

Our cute boy after decorating the tree..ready to eat some applesauce. 

Monday, December 28, 2015


Halloween around here in Williamsburg is awesome! They get all into it, which we loved. Busch Gardens does a Howl-o-Scream, which we heard was pretty scary. They have around 10 different haunted houses that you can go through. 

We decided to go and check it out, but Preston and I left by 6pm, when the scary stuff comes out. Tyler and Spencer stayed and went through two of the haunted houses. Spencer was a little nervous/scared of going in. But they survived!

We always seem to end up in Merchant's Square in Williamsburg, and this was hanging out there so I had to take a picture! 

Carving pumpkins with this cute pumpkin!

Spencer getting his pumpkin ready...yes that is a knife sticking out of the pumpkin's face. 

Tyler getting his pumpkin ready too. 

We had fun trying to get them all to look just right. Sadly I never got our end results into a picture. But they were really great. 

Our church has a trunk or treat for the kids, and they all get to dress up. The boys had a blast! Spencer went as the Joker.

And Preston was his favorite character, Cookie Monster, which we have agreed is just like him because he LOVES cookies. 

The boys ready to go trick or treating!!!

After they were done, Preston came home, took off his costume and got one bag of his M&Ms and then proceeded to sit on the couch and eat them quietly. He was a tired boy. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!! 

During Thanksgiving we were able to go down and meet up with one of my closest friends from growing up! I was so excited to see her and her family. Spencer had a blast because they have a son around the same age as him and they didn't stop talking the whole time. Preston had a blast because we were somewhere he could play. 

Me and my friend! 

While at Bass Pro Shop we decided to talk with Santa. Spencer told him exactly what he wanted, hopefully he gets it! 

The day after Thanksgiving we decorated the house for Christmas!!! Preston helping Tyler put the star on top. Preston has been loving seeing all of the Christmas trees everywhere. 


Each year we give the boys a new ornament to kind of represent what happened during the year. Since we moved to Williamsburg this year, they got Williamsburg ornaments. This is Spencer's. 

And here is Preston's. 

 Trying to take family pictures for our Christmas cards....not so easy, but sometimes I get great shots! 


Us being crazy thinking we are models. haha!

Oh how I love these boys of mine!!!!

Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope you are able to enjoy it with family around and to enjoy the holiday season! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015


I have so many pictures of Preston that I want to share. He's just growing up so fast and doing such silly things. 

Tyler took the boys out to dinner one night when I had something going on. The boys really liked it. 

I tried to introduce Preston to Star Wars. He kinda watched it. We'll try again next year. 

Preston at school!!! The best thing about his teacher is that they will send us pictures of him during some of the school days! It's very cool to see him in that setting. 

Playing with the sand. 

Preston is now not taking naps anymore, unless it's been a few days. He usually takes a rest, where he is in his crib and will watch a movie for some quiet down time. But after a few days of this and going to school, he gets so tired that he needs one day to take a nap. On this day he didn't take a nap at his usual time, and waited until 4:45 in the afternoon to take it. I didn't want to wake him but knew I had to if he was going to go to sleep that night. Also, he loves these robot pajamas. 

Happy kid! 

Something that Preston has been showing us lately is how much he likes to build things with his blocks! This is an airplane he made. But he also will make monsters and robots. 

This night we decided to go to Golden Corral to introduce the boys to all it had to offer. Spencer was SUPER impressed. He loved that he could get as much food as he wanted, and could get all kinds of different food. He may have even stated it was a little better than Disneyland. Preston enjoyed the ice cream. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Getting Ready for School

We had some things to do before getting the boys to their schools. Preston had to get his IEP ready for school down here, and then Spencer had to do one extra test for his gifted and talented class, to make sure he got into it. Which he did. 

While Spencer was taking his test, Preston and I went out to the playground to play. It was nice to be able to have him run around without disturbing the other kids. 

Fun times!
 That is until he disturbed a nest of black wasps!! I saw one or two flying around, but I thought they were just passing through, not that they had a nest under on of the steps! Preston was on the playground and I was at the edge watching him when all of the sudden 7-10 black wasps sprang up and surrounded him! He waved his arms around to get rid of them, and I yelled for him to run to me, but he didn't understand what I was wanting him to do. Then he started screaming "Ouch! Ouch!" Mama Bear took over and I ran over there and dragged him away while I was running back to the door. Luckily the bees didn't follow and thankfully I wasn't stung. He on the other did get stung twice. I was so worried because he had never been stung before so I wasn't sure if he would be allergic to it or not. Thankfully the nurse was at the school and she looked him over and put some bee sting stuff on his two stings. We didn't see any stingers left in him so that was good. But they swelled up big time!

After that we decided to go sit in the car and wait for Spencer to get done with his test. Preston's bee stings went down and he was fine by the end of the day. Also, he was not afraid to go back onto any playgrounds!!! 

The last week of summer and trying to get all the playing at the playground they can get in!

Also, since Spencer was entering into Middle School, we thought we would update his look. He looks so much older and handsome!!! 

Finally, the first day of school! Both boys would be riding the bus to school, and they were excited and nervous. 

Preston waiting for his bus, which came first.

The boys! 6th grade and Preschool. 

Spencer was nervous about going to a new school, but he always makes friends quickly. 

This was them after their school day. Preston fell asleep on the bus, because it was such an active day, and Spencer came home saying he loved it. He had a great day. whew. 

Preston very excited about showing off his Paw Patrol shirt (his backpack is Paw Patrol also!). 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


One of the best things about living down here is that we are actually CLOSE to family now! We have been able to go to my nephews volleyball games a few times, and it's so great to see Spencer and Preston become closer to my sister, her husband and their son.

When they came to our house, Preston couldn't get enough of Uncle H! He loved playing with him. 


Spencer with Cousin W. Spencer has always looked up to him, and thankfully W is a great example of what a teenager should be like and what they should be doing. They even came up this past week to see Spencer play in his basketball game. We love family!!!