Monday, June 2, 2014


This post will be all about Spencer! He's a busy kid these days, and growing up way TOO fast. I'm not a fan of him growing up. I looked at him last night and just thought "Where did this almost young man come from? Where's my little boy?" I swear he grows an inch every day too. Oh, and now he is telling me what kind of clothes he wants. Which, don't get me wrong, it's great, but really?!?!

Spencer and his Derby car for Scouts. It has a squid and a cat on it...ya know, for Squid and Stampy on YouTube. Wait, you don't know about them? I'll catch up in a bit about it.

Again this year he didn't win any of the races. We apparently don't know that you can move the back wheels farther back on the car. So, next year we are definitely doing a winner!

Spencer is an awesome big brother. Preston can't wait until he gets to see Spencer home from school every day. He does these kinds of things with him. 
Spencer will also wrestle with Preston, give him piggy back rides, horsey rides, and chase him. Preston loves it, now if I did that with him, he would like it, but it's always better to have Spencer do these things with him.

Okay, so we have gotten into a phase with Spencer, a YouTube phase. He found out some guys from England do an episode every week or day? about Minecraft stuff. It shows them playing on Minecraft doing all kinds of things and Spencer loves it! He would love very much to have his own YouTube channel, but that's not happening. Here he is laughing at something they said. They are called Squid and Stampy. 

Spencer is my cuddlier. He gives us kisses all the time, wants to be near us, he loves to give hugs too. So he tries to have Preston cuddle with him (which Preston is not a cuddlier at all). This is one night when it was almost bedtime and Preston just wanted Spencer. Too cute!

Remember when I said Preston loves it when Spencer comes home from school? Well he even sits up at the table with him to do homework!!!!! Preston will follow Spencer wherever he goes. 

Here's Spencer with some of his fellow Futura kids. Futura is the name of the gifted and talented course here. He has LOVED going to this every Wednesday, and loves the projects the teacher has them do. This was an egg project of dressing up an egg for a fashion show. They had a runway, music, mic and even dimmed the lights for us! It was awesome. 

Spencer has also been given his first pet. Fish. He loved them at first, and helped out, but now a few months later, mom is the one doing all the cleaning and feeding, and he has no interest in them. sigh...

Lastly, Spencer started up Spring Baseball this year! This season he is doing kid-pitch and is doing okay with it all. It's been hard because a lot of the games have been cancelled due to all the rain we keep getting! Spencer really likes it though, so perhaps this sport we will keep doing. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Preston's sickness

Again this year it happened, right after Christmas and the New Year, Preston got sick. He had a stuffy nose, cough, swollen glands below his ears, couldn't sleep, just not feeling good at all. At first we thought it was just a cold and it would go away. I'm sure Spencer had a cold around that time and it just spread. 

But then the sleepless nights started coming. He wouldn't be able to sleep and we would have to hold him so he could sleep and be upright. Then there was the way he was acting during the day, just really not himself at all. Not happy or smiling and laying down all the time. There were lots of cuddling in those days too.

We went to an Urgent Care here, and they said it was probably just the flu. But it wouldn't go away, so I got a pediatrician here, and stopped by. They found out he had a severe double ear infection and bronchitis!!! My poor little baby boy was REALLY sick. I felt so bad for him. Luckily the doctor's office started a breathing treatment while we were there, and told me which meds to get him on. 

Preston wasn't a fan of the breathing treatments at first, but slowly just got used to them. 

The funny thing about this is whenever we put the mask on him his mouth would open up, and stay open the whole time! It was super cute.

After a few weeks of treatments and going back to the doctor multiple times to make sure everything was cleared up he was all better!!! I was so happy to see my happy boy again and have him sleep more soundly through the night. 

Also I'm going to be super prepared next year in January to expect him to have something! Hopefully we can catch it before it gets really bad.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Finally I'm back onto blogging again. These past few months have been a little crazy. We've had sickness, work, school, snow, baseball, and a few months later more sickness. This post will wrap up most things from the beginning of the year until March! So why did I make the title "snow"? Well, because for three months that's pretty much all we heard and saw and wondered about!!!

Getting back from Christmas break we were ready to head back to school, but alas Mother Nature had some tricks up her sleeve that were white and fluffy and made the roads slick. Really. The second day back to school this happened:

Then it turned gradually into this:

By the end of the day it was this:

And that made us miss three days of school!!! It stayed all weekend long!!!!!!! Not only were we getting snow but we got ice, and it was FREEZING here. I don't think it got above 32 degrees for a month. We were cold. So, what did I have to do? Get snow clothes. Living in Africa for 4 years we were not prepared at all, and let's just say NYC did not have mass amounts of snow while we were there. 

Here's Preston's new snow suit. He loved it! Didn't ever want to take it off.

Well, after that first snow fall of the year, it became a habit. Every week of school we knew the kids would be out at least one day or do a 2-hr. delay. The best, for the kids, was this snow fall:

It snowed 15 inches! They were out the entire week so we could thaw out! It was crazy, but so much fun!! Tyler and I were able to show Spencer what you could do in this amount of snow (we both grew up in places it snowed a lot...well at least when we were little kids). 

This is Tyler at one end, and our neighbor boy at the other end making a snow tunnel. 

Spencer working on a fort. 

Crouching in his fort.

Preston waiting for Mom to get ready so he could go out and PLAY!

Finally he gets to play with brother in all this white stuff.

 He wasn't so keen on it at first, but really he did love it.

The snow fort in the end! 

Preston having fun in the snow tunnel. He would giggle at everything.

Uh-oh! Someone got stuck! Giggle!

 And while all this was going on, I made these yummy Valentine cookies. To be ready for Valentine's day! 

My boys!

Finally that snow was gone, and we were good....until we weren't. 
I was baffled by this weather forecast.....64 degrees, but guess what? You have a winter storm watch coming!!! And guess what? They were right, we got another winter storm.

At least it wasn't as much as the 15 inches.

But I do believe it was close to the 8 inch mark.  

We had so much snow that our kids used up all 15 of their extra days they have for snow days!!! We felt like it just wouldn't stop, until the end of March came or maybe it was April, and we started seeing and feeling warmer days. Who knew we could get this much?!?! Let's hope next year won't be like this, because in the end we were completely sick of snow. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was pretty great! I kept wondering why this year just seemed so much better than years past, and I think it was because the kids didn't get as many gifts, and it was nice to see that they enjoyed the gifts they did get. Even though we live close to my parents we decided to still do our own family Christmas morning, then drive down to my parents house to do another Christmas. 

Here's Santa's set-up. Tyler all the way to the left, then me, then Preston then Spencer.

All the gifts under the tree!!!!! I still feel like we got the boys a lot of gifts. 

Preston's presents from Santa. Thankfully Santa gives toys AND books and music to our little ones. Notice the fancy new tie on the stocking. 

Spencer's loot! Yes, he got a tablet this year?!?! What was Santa thinking??? All you minecraft people out there...notice the creeper creeping out of the stocking too. 

Pretty good reaction. Those are his Christmas pjs too. The year of Adventure Time.

Daddy helping Preston go through his stocking.

Preston got a set of keys with buttons on them.....let's just say the buttons are already worn out. I'm guessing he liked it. 

Cute boy thinks big brother's chair is his! 

Spencer getting "the gift", the one he wanted soooo much! Air Hogs. 

Preston playing with his new guitar. He got so many instruments this year!! Drums, guitar, piano, shakers, tambourine, and I think that was it.

The tablet was a hit!

Santa every year brings our family a gift too! Usually we get a board game, but this year he gave us a map so we can put different pins up to show where we've lived, where we would love to go, where friends live, and where our ancestors came from. It's hanging in by our dining table, and has already been used to figure out where some countries are. 

THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!!!!!! Tyler had already given me my computer for my birthday, so that counted as Christmas too, but he got me this shirt which I was SOOO excited about!!! If you haven't seen Big Bang will not get this. 

Preston pulling one of his presents from his cousin around the living room. 

After our morning we headed down to my parents house to do another Christmas the next day, and we got there in record time!!! Driving on Christmas day is genius. Usually it takes a little over 4 hours to get to my parents house, at Thanksgiving it took us 6 hours, we got there this time in 3 hours and 15 minutes!!! 

Grandpa and Preston watching most likely "Up"

Aunt Ya-ya and Preston.

My nephew, W. He is too grown up. He's such a great kid too, and I love when we put on the music and just dance away in the kitchen!!

Uncle Heath helping Preston get his big truck opened up. Preston was the most excited about this present. 

Christmas was wonderful this year, and we all got pretty much everything we wanted. Hope everyone else had a great holiday season.