Monday, December 22, 2014

Pictures and Stories...Stories and Pictures

Here are a bunch of random photos of the boys...and their stories.

Preston got a bad cough again to which we had to start with breathing treatments for about a week. So sad when this happens, although he did just get through a bad cough for two weeks, but he got better on his own.

Preston LOVES trucks/planes/trains. 

Brothers playing and apparently just looking at each other. 

Spencer was eating some Sun Chips. Preston wanted some so he just kept scooting closer and closer to Preston. Spencer would say "no." Preston would look at him sadly and keep trying to get on his lap. Finally Preston got on his lap and took over eating the chips. It was hilarious!

Preston has done this since he was born...we call it baby yoga. 

Watching a movie in his chair. 

Preston likes to try on Tyler's glasses, and he doesn't try to break them, he truly just wants to try them on. 

Silly boy.

Brothers copying each other. 

Spencer helping Preston get in his highchair. 

When Tyler was younger they found out he had high cholesterol, at age 8 it was over 200. Since we know that we thought it would be good to get the boys cholesterol checked out to see if they got that from their dad. It was so sad to see that Preston had to get his blood taken. He was not a fan of it. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Way back before the school year ended we were eating dinner one night and I noticed that there was this sharp bump that came out from near Spencer's collarbone. I wasn't sure what it was so we kept an eye on it and got a doctor's appointment. 

The doctor told us that it could be anything, and that we should go to a pediatric surgeon to see what they wanted us to do and to get x-rays. It most likely was a cyst, but we were not sure if it was connected to the collarbone or not...if so it was a little bit more tough of a surgery, if not it'd be easy. 

So Spencer and I went to the surgeon and he felt the bump and said yep, we should get that out. It wasn't life threatening but if we didn't take it out it would just keep growing. We made the surgery date after being in Utah so we could have lots of fun first, then surgery second. Thankfully my parents were able to come up for a day or two to watch Preston for us so we could both take Spencer to the hospital and be there with him. We were all a little nervous.

We woke up early and got going to the hospital. Here we are waiting and Spencer showing off the bump by his collarbone.

Spencer looking scared...but he totally laughed right after this picture was taken. He did pretty well with the waiting and not being too nervous.

We got into a room and I had to write "yes" right by the bump, so they got the right was hard to write with the marker. 

Spencer getting all set up. He had to get an IV which hurt a little bit, but he was so brave. The nurse right there was awesome and so nice to Spencer. She said he was being a great patient. Beary also was helpful in making Spencer feel brave and safe. 

Funny story about him getting the anesthesia. He got about half of it in his IV before they started wheeling him down the hallway, and he was asking how he would  know it was working. The doctor told him he would feel tired and heavy, and by the time they got to the end of the hallway we hear him say "I think it's starting to work, because I'm getting tired." 

Then Tyler and I waited. and waited. and waited. Then the doctor came out! WHO WAS AMAZING!!! He told us it was a ganglion cyst, which he thought it was and that it was not attached to the bone. So easy surgery and he had it done in 14 minutes! We then had to wait for Spencer to wake up before we could go back to see him. 

I was super worried about how he would do waking up from being put to sleep, but he did GREAT! No throwing up, no crazy talking (which we were a bit disappointed about that), not much dizziness, and just fine. Here he is in the recovery area. 
The nurse that was helping Spencer out there said he did great, and asked for his popsicle right after he woke up. That was a promise the doctor gave him when he told Spencer he had to have surgery. Spencer was totally on board if he got a popsicle afterwards. We waited for just about 10-20 minutes before he was ready to go and be discharged. They said to slowly get food back into him, and gave us all the info about what to do with his surgery site. Which the doctor put stitches on only in the inside! Now, how does one get stitches only on the inside??? 

We got Spencer on video in the car coming home but really he said nothing funny. Just looked tired. He came home and got situated on the couch, got him some magic soup and he was watching what he wanted to watch. 
Happy Boy. And about an hour after being home he was totally back to normal, you would not have known he had surgery!!! Which we are very grateful for, he's such a trooper. 

sidenote: we found out later that the doctor wasn't going to do surgery for Spencer or another girl that came in because a family emergency happened, but he decided to do Spencer's real fast. So many blessings happened this day!!!! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Straight No Chaser

I have an amazing friend up here in the Northern VA area. In fact, she is my sister's best friend who grew up across the street from us, but now that we are up here we get to see her a lot more often, which I LOVE! Anyway, she had these tickets to a concert and asked if I wanted to join her. It was the day after we got home from Utah so I wasn't sure if I would be ready for it, but I'm so glad I went. 

We went to see Straight No Chaser at Wolf Trap!!!
First off, Straight No Chaser is this accapella group that is AMAZING!! If they are anywhere near you in concert, go. Immediately. Promise. It was funny and such great music. Most people remember their youtube video of the 12 Days of Christmas. Secondly, we went to Wolf Trap, which I had never been to, but it was unbelievably cool. The whole atmosphere was so fun! Lastly, we had AMAZING seats!!!! Look how close we were.

It was such a fun night that I told her if they come back next summer we are going AGAIN. No excuses about it. I loved it so much. Thanks Ms. A for letting me come with you!!! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Utah Trip - Part 4

After Island Park we spent some more time with Tyler's family and was able to go down to Southern Utah to see some more grandparents. It was a fun trip and we loved being able to see them all. 

While on our way home though we saw this:

It was a bit scary to think what was on fire, then when we got closer we saw that it had probably just started 5-10 minutes beforehand. We are not sure what it was, but it seemed to be a big semi/trailer. And we were praying that no one was in the trailer still. I did see some guys sitting on the side of the road so I'm hoping that was the driver. 
Super scary though.

Just awful.

When we got back home the kids played with all of their cousins that were there...well Preston and his cousin watched the older cousins play outside. I thought this was too cute.

I love this picture too of Preston and his Aunt. She was determined to get him to smile and laugh with her, and she succeeded. 

After the flight home I think the boys were excited to be back with their own things and to just play by themselves. We did have tears about leaving, but home is still home. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Utah Trip - Part 3

While at the house in Island Park there was lots to do. It had a pretty good yard, so the boys played tag and football. Grandma and Grandpa brought an inflatable pool for the little ones. There was a dock to play off of in the water, and even a fire pit so we could cook some s'mores!

Spencer ready to get some s'mores.

Getting the pit ready and the fire going. The kids were watching closely. 

Trying to light it....when we didn't think we had anything to light it with...

The boys still waiting. I love this picture of the two of them. 

Seth to the rescue, wait, what is in his mouth!?!? SETH! Don't put matches in your mouth. 

Miss O being cute as could be!!!!

Ready to cook! I think Miss M has four marshmallows on her stick ready to fire them up. 

The boys skipping rocks.

Jess cooking her marshmallow to perfection. She did have a pretty good way of cooking them.

After eating everyone jumped into the hot tub. This was a favorite for all the kids....and adults. 

Think we have enough cups???

Preston getting some food from Grandpa, wait for another post when he is doing the exact same thing with his other grandpa! Thank goodness for them who will let Preston eat off their plates.

W and his dad got some four wheelers or ATV's or something like that and drove it ALL DAY LONG! They went way up to the top part of a mountain. He was covered in dirt, so I had to take a picture. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Utah Trip - Part 2

My family had a reunion in Island Park and it was a blast!

We had everyone go into Yellowstone National Park one day and it was fun. Spencer loved being with his cousins and we loved seeing the beauty of the park. During our first visit in we saw elk, bison, and even some black bears! But only through my dad's scope that he had, thankfully he had it! 

Here the boys are waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.

Spencer and Old Faithful at the beginning of her erupting.

At a stopping point we saw a bison up on the hill. I love this picture because the way Preston is looking, it's like he's looking right at the bison, but he really was not. 

We stayed at a beautiful place in Island Park, Bill's Island. It was so cool. 

This was our view out back!!!

Isn't it gorgeous! Steps down to the lake, that you could swim in and fish in and play in, which we did all of those things. Even rented a skidoo and the kids had a BLAST!!!

The sunset.

It was so calming and pretty and the best weather. 

On our last day there Tyler and I wanted to go back into the park to see if we could see more bears or something. So we dragged our boys out of bed at 6:30 or 7 in the morning. It takes a little while to get to the park, so by the time we were there, this is what they looked like. Completely asleep. 

They missed a bison that was super close to us!

 Also another one that just walked right out into the road when we were driving. I stopped, but it was pretty nerve-racking to have a bison so big walking by your car. This doesn't look like it was close, but it really was.

After we looked around for more animals, that we didn't get to see...bummer, we stopped at a place in the park for some ice cream. It was yummy!