Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was pretty great! I kept wondering why this year just seemed so much better than years past, and I think it was because the kids didn't get as many gifts, and it was nice to see that they enjoyed the gifts they did get. Even though we live close to my parents we decided to still do our own family Christmas morning, then drive down to my parents house to do another Christmas. 

Here's Santa's set-up. Tyler all the way to the left, then me, then Preston then Spencer.

All the gifts under the tree!!!!! I still feel like we got the boys a lot of gifts. 

Preston's presents from Santa. Thankfully Santa gives toys AND books and music to our little ones. Notice the fancy new tie on the stocking. 

Spencer's loot! Yes, he got a tablet this year?!?! What was Santa thinking??? All you minecraft people out there...notice the creeper creeping out of the stocking too. 

Pretty good reaction. Those are his Christmas pjs too. The year of Adventure Time.

Daddy helping Preston go through his stocking.

Preston got a set of keys with buttons on them.....let's just say the buttons are already worn out. I'm guessing he liked it. 

Cute boy thinks big brother's chair is his! 

Spencer getting "the gift", the one he wanted soooo much! Air Hogs. 

Preston playing with his new guitar. He got so many instruments this year!! Drums, guitar, piano, shakers, tambourine, and I think that was it.

The tablet was a hit!

Santa every year brings our family a gift too! Usually we get a board game, but this year he gave us a map so we can put different pins up to show where we've lived, where we would love to go, where friends live, and where our ancestors came from. It's hanging in by our dining table, and has already been used to figure out where some countries are. 

THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!!!!!! Tyler had already given me my computer for my birthday, so that counted as Christmas too, but he got me this shirt which I was SOOO excited about!!! If you haven't seen Big Bang will not get this. 

Preston pulling one of his presents from his cousin around the living room. 

After our morning we headed down to my parents house to do another Christmas the next day, and we got there in record time!!! Driving on Christmas day is genius. Usually it takes a little over 4 hours to get to my parents house, at Thanksgiving it took us 6 hours, we got there this time in 3 hours and 15 minutes!!! 

Grandpa and Preston watching most likely "Up"

Aunt Ya-ya and Preston.

My nephew, W. He is too grown up. He's such a great kid too, and I love when we put on the music and just dance away in the kitchen!!

Uncle Heath helping Preston get his big truck opened up. Preston was the most excited about this present. 

Christmas was wonderful this year, and we all got pretty much everything we wanted. Hope everyone else had a great holiday season. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goal Post!

At the beginning of every year we start to think about what we want to accomplish, and this year is no different, except we have a lot less goals, but more powerful ones. To recap what happened to last year goals, you can go here to see the goals, and the ones we finished were as follows:

For Tyler's: he did accomplish each of his goals.
For Becca's: I caught up on the blog, didn't do as well with the digital scrapbooks (hopefully with the new computer I got for my birthday, I will do it this year), read half of the years Ensign's, read not 24 books BUT did read at least 15, novel-not done, but thinking more about it.
For Spencer's: did most of his, not all of the exercising though
For Preston's: DONE! well, maybe he could sleep a little better.
For our Family: WE READ THE WHOLE BOOK OF MORMON!!!! YAY! Didn't do as many service projects as we wanted, but we did spend more time together as a family.

This year's goals are pretty simple for us all, which is good. 

1. Exercise and eat healthy
2. Magnify his calling in the church

theme this year is "Cut the Excess"
1. Cut the excess weight- exercising and eating better, and not eating out as much
2. Cut the excess debt- watch where our money goes, and make better choices about what to buy…we'd really like to get debt free again like we were in Africa.
3. Cut the excess clutter- cleaning out the house is the best feeling, also clutter of watching too much TV, movies, being on the computer too much.
4. extras would be the digital scrapbooks

Family Goals:
1. Read the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price
2. Family Home Evening every week. 

See not too much, and I think we can do it! Hope you all have had a great first day of 2014!!! May this year be a great year too.

Monday, December 30, 2013


A couple of days this month we got two snow days! We were excited, even though we all got colds that week. But it was very fun to watch the snow come down and keep poking the snow on our deck with the ruler to see how deep it was. 2 inches was the deepest. 

It was really cold too. You can see the ice coming off the leaves of our tree. 

And the icicles coming off the deck railing.

Spencer had a bad cold and cough, but I couldn't not let him go out and play in the snow, since he hasn't done that much in his life. So he went out, and I did to. 

This is our little poor snowman. The snow was really good for packing, but it didn't stay together very well. 

We also had a snowball fight. That was fun.

So pretty!

Spencer's first snow angel!!! I'm glad I took a picture because the garbage truck came by about 10 minutes later and ran over it. 

Preston even got to come out for just a little bit. He was not bothered by the coldness at all! He wanted to be outside so much!!!

Spencer lounging on the snow day watching TV. He's getting so long.

Preston with a cookie he stole from the counter in the kitchen, in which the cookie was on a plate and under saran wrap…how he got it and didn't break the plate, I do not know. He just walked into the living room showing me what he had. And yes, I did let him eat it because I thought he earned it for figuring out how to get it. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013


We hope today is a wonderful day for all! We took pictures for our Christmas card a few weeks back and so I thought I'd share some of the ones we used….and then some of the ones that were cut. 

Daddy and his boys…Preston not sure about what is going on.

And then crazy happens.

What is going on?

Preston for a little bit was amazed by the flash. 


Spencer growing up. 

Cutie Preston…stealing the ornaments.

Trying to run away.

We were trying to throw Preston up in the air, and I was trying to react to it….didn't quite go that way. Spencer was tired of all the trying. 

Here we go!! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The fall here is gorgeous and wonderful and my favorite season. So here is what happened during that time:

Looked over at Spencer reading one day and saw how big he has actually gotten. Why must kids get older so much faster than we are ready for them to?

Saw A LOT of deer around Spencer's school, and one fox (yes we listened but could not hear what the fox said). Well, one encounter I took a picture of the deer. You can kinda see it here in the middle of the picture, but the encounter was a little terrifying. Spencer had a baseball game, but I needed to get Preston home for a nap, so I was strolling him home down the path to the sidewalk we take to get to our house. We heard a rustle in the overgrowth and trees, I thought it was a squirrel, but turns out a deer popped its head up right near us!!! I gasped and just stopped, and then wondered….what do I do? Do deer charge you? Will it be afraid of me and the blue stroller with the baby?? Well, it looked at us, then hopped over the bushes and hopped across the path right in front of us over to the other side to hide more. BUT once it got over there it just kept looking at me. I quickly started walking while watching it, but then went back to get a quick picture. The deer are not afraid too much of people here I don't think.

Another story of some deer, were when me and the boys were walking to school one morning, we had two deer trotting/walking next to us in the trees (we were on the sidewalk). I kept looking over wondering if they would just stop or run away, but they kept right with us. One even got out onto the sidewalk in front of us, then went into the grassy area, and once we started passing it, the deer just kept giving us the "evil eye".  No joke! It was the most intense stare ever! I don't know if you are not suppose to look a deer in the eye, but I did, I was a mother with her babes…I was in protection mode. Turns out…so was that deer. Once we past them we turned to see where they would go, they wanted to run across the street. One went, then the other, and then a little deer came out of the forest and ran after them too! 

We are lucky to have lots of trees across the street from our house! So we bunched them all up and jumped in them and threw them in the air!!!

Preston thought it was fun….as long as he wasn't in the leaf pile.

The beautiful walk home from school. 

And this last picture, just because it's so cute of the two boys. There was something on TV that they were VERY interested/worried about.  

Monday, December 23, 2013


Perhaps the title to this post should be "Preston's Antics".

Not even kidding, this kid gets into a lot every day, and doesn't stop moving it seems. Maybe he does stop, but not long enough for me to catch up. He seems to zoom by things and a mess is left behind. True story: Tyler stayed home with him one day and was amazed by how much Preston got into during the day…I told him this is what happens every day. But no matter what he does he is having fun and being cute, so I can handle it. 

Let's start with the fun! We have these super hero masks, and Preston used to be scared of them, but then we would put them on and laugh and giggle. So then he thought they would be fun. Here he is being the Hulk.

Yes we do house Captain America. 

Yes, he is smaller in real life.

Oh my happy, cute boy. Lunchtime is fun with him! We dance, talk, giggle and eat. 

I'm still baffled at how babies squat like this. I just watch him, and then he stands right back up! My knees would be dying.

We read our scriptures most nights, and Preston will walk around and play with toys while we are reading. This night he sat down right by dad and clicked on his calculator while listening.

I think he might think it's a phone too. 

Second trip to the ER in two months!!!! Fell down our foyer stairs (luckily there are only 3) and busted his head open right in the middle. He is now very weary of those stairs…thank goodness!!!

We like to twirl!

"Hello? Hello?" He loves to talk on the phone…and anything and everything becomes a phone for him.

Chilling with daddy.

Yep, don't know how he got back there. He likes the feather duster thing, and will dust the blinds for me. I teach them young. But he also likes to play with the vacuum cleaner and pull off the bucket of gross stuff…yay?

Another night of reading scriptures and he just laid down and laid there for at least 5 minutes without moving!!! Didn't fall asleep, but I think he was tired.