Sunday, December 22, 2013


Halloween 2013!

Spencer was chosen for one of the games at his class party. It was boys against girls, they had to use 8 rolls of toilet paper to wrap the person….let's just say the boys were just throwing things around and the girls actually looked like a mummy. 

This year, to save a little money, I decided to MAKE the costumes?!!? It seemed overwhelming, but I did it! Spencer wanted to be Finn from Adventure Time, and since his sidekick is a dog named Jake, I thought Preston would be great for that! For Spencer's costumes I only had to make his hat…not too difficult. Preston I had to make shirt and pants and hat…a bit more difficult for a novice sewer! Here are all my parts cut out….yes, what goes where???

Here's the finished product!!! Doesn't look too bad! Now Preston's shirt was a little small, and his pants a little big…BUT what can you do? 

Here is the Jake and Finn cartoon, so you can compare. 

And here are our Jake and Finn. They had a blast trick or treating and brought home WAY too much candy we are still trying to get rid of! 


Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

Good job you! You are so domestic :)