Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goal Post!

At the beginning of every year we start to think about what we want to accomplish, and this year is no different, except we have a lot less goals, but more powerful ones. To recap what happened to last year goals, you can go here to see the goals, and the ones we finished were as follows:

For Tyler's: he did accomplish each of his goals.
For Becca's: I caught up on the blog, didn't do as well with the digital scrapbooks (hopefully with the new computer I got for my birthday, I will do it this year), read half of the years Ensign's, read not 24 books BUT did read at least 15, novel-not done, but thinking more about it.
For Spencer's: did most of his, not all of the exercising though
For Preston's: DONE! well, maybe he could sleep a little better.
For our Family: WE READ THE WHOLE BOOK OF MORMON!!!! YAY! Didn't do as many service projects as we wanted, but we did spend more time together as a family.

This year's goals are pretty simple for us all, which is good. 

1. Exercise and eat healthy
2. Magnify his calling in the church

theme this year is "Cut the Excess"
1. Cut the excess weight- exercising and eating better, and not eating out as much
2. Cut the excess debt- watch where our money goes, and make better choices about what to buy…we'd really like to get debt free again like we were in Africa.
3. Cut the excess clutter- cleaning out the house is the best feeling, also clutter of watching too much TV, movies, being on the computer too much.
4. extras would be the digital scrapbooks

Family Goals:
1. Read the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price
2. Family Home Evening every week. 

See not too much, and I think we can do it! Hope you all have had a great first day of 2014!!! May this year be a great year too.


Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

You can do it! We need to be better at FHE too... Sigh.

Laura said...

I'm trying to catch up on posting on my own blog and therefore haven't been as faithful about reading everyone else's blogs. I just read your last 8 posts and loved them all! I can't believe how different your two boys look. But because they both have yours and Tyler's features, they still kind of look alike in some ways. Crazy. :) Preston is so stinkin' cute! Happy New Year! Great goals, love your theme too!

Lay/Ash said...

Those sound like awesome goals!! I love your theme of 'Cut the Excess' I just might have to use it too!!