Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The fall here is gorgeous and wonderful and my favorite season. So here is what happened during that time:

Looked over at Spencer reading one day and saw how big he has actually gotten. Why must kids get older so much faster than we are ready for them to?

Saw A LOT of deer around Spencer's school, and one fox (yes we listened but could not hear what the fox said). Well, one encounter I took a picture of the deer. You can kinda see it here in the middle of the picture, but the encounter was a little terrifying. Spencer had a baseball game, but I needed to get Preston home for a nap, so I was strolling him home down the path to the sidewalk we take to get to our house. We heard a rustle in the overgrowth and trees, I thought it was a squirrel, but turns out a deer popped its head up right near us!!! I gasped and just stopped, and then wondered….what do I do? Do deer charge you? Will it be afraid of me and the blue stroller with the baby?? Well, it looked at us, then hopped over the bushes and hopped across the path right in front of us over to the other side to hide more. BUT once it got over there it just kept looking at me. I quickly started walking while watching it, but then went back to get a quick picture. The deer are not afraid too much of people here I don't think.

Another story of some deer, were when me and the boys were walking to school one morning, we had two deer trotting/walking next to us in the trees (we were on the sidewalk). I kept looking over wondering if they would just stop or run away, but they kept right with us. One even got out onto the sidewalk in front of us, then went into the grassy area, and once we started passing it, the deer just kept giving us the "evil eye".  No joke! It was the most intense stare ever! I don't know if you are not suppose to look a deer in the eye, but I did, I was a mother with her babes…I was in protection mode. Turns out…so was that deer. Once we past them we turned to see where they would go, they wanted to run across the street. One went, then the other, and then a little deer came out of the forest and ran after them too! 

We are lucky to have lots of trees across the street from our house! So we bunched them all up and jumped in them and threw them in the air!!!

Preston thought it was fun….as long as he wasn't in the leaf pile.

The beautiful walk home from school. 

And this last picture, just because it's so cute of the two boys. There was something on TV that they were VERY interested/worried about.  


The Nicholes said...

I had such a fun morning reading your latest posts. Of course, seeing my handsome, darling grandsons, is always the best! Glad to see the pumpkin carving tradition.

Haylee said...

Lots of updates! Such fun boys. Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun. I love Preston, he will always hold a special place in my heart. Miss you guys and cant wait to see you this summer!

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

Beautiful pictures of the pretty tree colors! And I love the ones with both Spencer and Preston in the leaves :)

Lay/Ash said...

It looks Like you guys have had lots fun. I love the pictures of the trees back there! So beautiful! Cute cute boys! We miss you guys!