Monday, June 2, 2014


This post will be all about Spencer! He's a busy kid these days, and growing up way TOO fast. I'm not a fan of him growing up. I looked at him last night and just thought "Where did this almost young man come from? Where's my little boy?" I swear he grows an inch every day too. Oh, and now he is telling me what kind of clothes he wants. Which, don't get me wrong, it's great, but really?!?!

Spencer and his Derby car for Scouts. It has a squid and a cat on it...ya know, for Squid and Stampy on YouTube. Wait, you don't know about them? I'll catch up in a bit about it.

Again this year he didn't win any of the races. We apparently don't know that you can move the back wheels farther back on the car. So, next year we are definitely doing a winner!

Spencer is an awesome big brother. Preston can't wait until he gets to see Spencer home from school every day. He does these kinds of things with him. 
Spencer will also wrestle with Preston, give him piggy back rides, horsey rides, and chase him. Preston loves it, now if I did that with him, he would like it, but it's always better to have Spencer do these things with him.

Okay, so we have gotten into a phase with Spencer, a YouTube phase. He found out some guys from England do an episode every week or day? about Minecraft stuff. It shows them playing on Minecraft doing all kinds of things and Spencer loves it! He would love very much to have his own YouTube channel, but that's not happening. Here he is laughing at something they said. They are called Squid and Stampy. 

Spencer is my cuddlier. He gives us kisses all the time, wants to be near us, he loves to give hugs too. So he tries to have Preston cuddle with him (which Preston is not a cuddlier at all). This is one night when it was almost bedtime and Preston just wanted Spencer. Too cute!

Remember when I said Preston loves it when Spencer comes home from school? Well he even sits up at the table with him to do homework!!!!! Preston will follow Spencer wherever he goes. 

Here's Spencer with some of his fellow Futura kids. Futura is the name of the gifted and talented course here. He has LOVED going to this every Wednesday, and loves the projects the teacher has them do. This was an egg project of dressing up an egg for a fashion show. They had a runway, music, mic and even dimmed the lights for us! It was awesome. 

Spencer has also been given his first pet. Fish. He loved them at first, and helped out, but now a few months later, mom is the one doing all the cleaning and feeding, and he has no interest in them. sigh...

Lastly, Spencer started up Spring Baseball this year! This season he is doing kid-pitch and is doing okay with it all. It's been hard because a lot of the games have been cancelled due to all the rain we keep getting! Spencer really likes it though, so perhaps this sport we will keep doing. 


Laura said...

It is very sweet to see those brothers cuddling and how much Preston loves Spencer. :)

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

Yay for Spencer! He IS such a big boy. *Sigh*

Haylee said...

I remember holding him as a newborn! I can't believe how fast he is growing up:(

The Nicholes said...

They are 2 special boys! Can't wait to see them.