Thursday, May 29, 2014

Preston's sickness

Again this year it happened, right after Christmas and the New Year, Preston got sick. He had a stuffy nose, cough, swollen glands below his ears, couldn't sleep, just not feeling good at all. At first we thought it was just a cold and it would go away. I'm sure Spencer had a cold around that time and it just spread. 

But then the sleepless nights started coming. He wouldn't be able to sleep and we would have to hold him so he could sleep and be upright. Then there was the way he was acting during the day, just really not himself at all. Not happy or smiling and laying down all the time. There were lots of cuddling in those days too.

We went to an Urgent Care here, and they said it was probably just the flu. But it wouldn't go away, so I got a pediatrician here, and stopped by. They found out he had a severe double ear infection and bronchitis!!! My poor little baby boy was REALLY sick. I felt so bad for him. Luckily the doctor's office started a breathing treatment while we were there, and told me which meds to get him on. 

Preston wasn't a fan of the breathing treatments at first, but slowly just got used to them. 

The funny thing about this is whenever we put the mask on him his mouth would open up, and stay open the whole time! It was super cute.

After a few weeks of treatments and going back to the doctor multiple times to make sure everything was cleared up he was all better!!! I was so happy to see my happy boy again and have him sleep more soundly through the night. 

Also I'm going to be super prepared next year in January to expect him to have something! Hopefully we can catch it before it gets really bad.


Haylee said...

Poor Preston. I'm glad he got better! Hopefully nothing happens next year.

Laura said...

So glad you got the meds he needed! What a cute boy!

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

Love that his mouth is open the whole time! So funny!