Wednesday, February 13, 2013


While in Utah it snowed!!! A big ol' storm came through, and since we didn't want to drive around in it, we stayed at home and played! Spencer and his cousins wanted to go and play in it outside, but we don't have any winter clothing. We lived in Africa, so we didn't need anything there, and NYC had a mild winter last year, and this year hasn't been too bad either. So no need for snow pants, boots or anything like that. We asked Grandma if there was anything she had that Spencer could borrow, these were the only snow pants close to his size....
I don't think they will do. 
We made do with layers of his own clothing. It worked, especially since he only was out there for 30-45 minutes. 

Preston slept during this time, but I wasn't about to let him go out in the freezing weather.

Spencer sliding down the stairs. He loved playing out in the snow.

Snow is so fun!

 I believe this is his first snow angel. 

Tyler went out with the new camera, which is a Rebel T3i, and had fun getting some shots of the kids throwing snow up in the air. 

Back inside, Preston woke up and was happy.

Still happy!

 And during those days we stayed inside...I started reading books I got for Christmas.


Pyper Nicholes said...

I got that same camera for Christmas. I love it! I love these pictures! You have the cutest boys! said...

What book what book? Something with a treadmill in it I hope!

Dan and Laura said...

My kids don't last very long out in the snow either. I'm thankful for that. And right now it's too deep to play in. They wouldn't even be able to walk in it. :)

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

Yay for snow! Looks like fun :)