Friday, February 1, 2013

Friends are apart of the holidays

One of the best things of the holidays is being able to see friends, and sometimes it's unexpected! I was thrilled to find out one of my college roommates would be in town with her girlfriends and would be down by our place!!! We figured out a place to meet up and just chat for a little bit. It was so wonderful to see her and try to catch up so quickly in the short time we had. I'm sure we could have talked all afternoon and night! 

Thanks for meeting up with me K!!!! 

Another friend of ours came into town to visit, and so she stopped by our place to see us! It was so fun to see her and exchange our Christmas gifts with each other. She is amazing and I love it whenever we can see her. Thanks Miss A for coming by and seeing us!!! 

Now I know this is a post about friends, but I need to show you more pictures of Preston. Here he is trying to do something with his lips, I think he was trying to do raspberries, but not quite getting it. 

Oh look, I see we have another Gilmore Girls fan in our home!!! YAY!!!

Preston in December kept trying this maneuver out. He tried so hard to turn over, but just couldn't quite get it...until Miss A came over!!! It's true, I guess he was just saving it for her, because she came over and he kept trying and he ROLLED OVER!!!! YAY!!!!!

Oh so sad, but still so cute.

Big brother's love!!!! Preston still lights up whenever he sees Spencer. It's like he saves all his energy all day so when Spencer is home he's ready to always play with him, it's darling. 


Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

I love the sad face picture! And that he loves his brother so much :) So cute!

Dan and Laura said...

That brotherly love is so fun to see!